Rabbit Poetry Journal is a quarterly journal for ‘non-fiction’ poetry.


The Deviations Issue

Poetry Guest Editor: Stuart Cooke

Submission deadline: November 15, 2014

Rabbit is now calling for submissions of ‘nonfiction’ poems for its 14th issue on the theme of DEVIATIONS. If you are concerned that your take on the ‘real world’ is slightly abstract, don’t worry–include a line or two to tell us why you categorise your poem as ‘nonfiction.’ We are very much open to poetry experiments!

Send 1 to 3 poems to: rabbitpoetry@hotmail.com Please include on the first page of your submission:

• full contact details (postal address, email)
• 50-word bio
• a short response to the following question: what is your favourite poetic swerve?

Please visit www.rabbitpoetry.com for full submission guidelines and check out Rabbit on Facebook

Rabbit Poetry Journal is a quarterly journal for non-fiction poetry, based in Melbourne, Australia (founded in mid-2011). A pioneer in the field, Rabbit intends to celebrate the potential for poetry to explore and interrogate the boundaries of non-fiction writing. Rabbit encourages poets to openly engage with auto/biography, history, politics, economics, mathematics, cultural analysis, science, the environment, and all other aspects of real world experience, recollection and interpretation.

Rabbit publishes all things poetry – poems, reviews, essays on poetry and poetics, interviews with poets, and visual art by poets – with an emphasis on new and emerging Rabbits (poets).

Some of the contributors to the journal include Michael Brennan, Stuart Cooke, Johanna Drucker, Kenneth Goldsmith, Duncan Hose, Michael Farrell, Jordie Albiston, Petra White, Alex Skovron, Ian McBryde, Kate Middleton, Jill Jones, Patrick Jones, Eileen Myles, Pete Spence, Ann Vickery, Lesley Wheeler and PiO.


Rabbit is proudly supported by Arts Victoria.