RABBIT 30 – The Long Poem (II) (within Australia)




As we release our 30th issue, what would ordinarily be an exciting milestone in Rabbit’s timeline, the world is experiencing unprecedented suffering. Here in Australia, we recently endured a long and devastating bushfire season that burnt through 18.6 million hectares of land, killing 34 people (with further deaths due to the effects of smoke inhalation) and an estimated 1.3 billion animals, some of which were endangered species now driven to extinction. At the tail-end of this loss, the coronavirus began to spread globally. As I write this editorial, Australia joins many other countries enforcing strict social distancing measures and lockdowns. If you are reading this, you and/or your friends and colleagues in the arts will be suffering the effects of cancelled shows, events, launches, some of which provide vital income. We are compiling this issue as we await some better news for 2020 and beyond, and yet it is heartening to see communities rallying on screens for ‘relocated’ events and readings. Indeed, a highlight of scrolling through my own Facebook feed is seeing friends sharing their postal bounty of newly purchased books. Let’s continue, through these tough months, to support one another’s practice in this way.
I was delighted to receive close to 500 long poems for this issue. My reading pile was large, but I truly enjoyed reading each submission and spending time with the extended meditations on an idea that the longer form affords.