I find the prose poem to be both alluring and alarming. Alluring in its brevity–containment-as-trap; alarming in the way it resists its own container–I must read over and over these strange sentences. … It is with pleasure I introduce the guest poetry editors for this issue of Rabbit, Cassandra Atherton and Paul Hetherington, who are both well versed, so to speak, in prose poems–both writing them and writing about them. The poems they have selected help us to view the real world with all the quirk and seriousness, simplicity and abstraction, of the prose poet’s eye.

  –Jessica L Wilkinson, ‘Editorial’

Guest edited by Cassandra Atherton and Paul Hetherington.

Featuring poems from Claire Gaskin, JC Reilly, Shane Strange, Anne Elvey, Susan Fealy, Ouyang Yu, Anne Caldwell, Wes Lee, Kathryn Hummel, MTC Cronin, Berndt Sellheim, Alyson Miller, Julie Maclean, Susan Hawthorne, Caitlin Maling, Moya Costello, Lisa Rizzo, Paul Munden, Maryanne Hannan, Alina Borger, rob walker, Carl Walsh, Sarah Bigham, Lois Roma-Deeley.

Also includes:
Jessica L Wilkinson interview Samuel Wagan Watson
Dave Drayton reviews Mark O’Flynn
Lucas Smith reviews Luke Beesley
Matt Hetherington reviews Grant Caldwell
‘Quotidian metageographies: prose poems as nonfiction postcards’ by Cassandra Atherton and Paul Hetherington
‘Forms for thought: some notes on poetry and prose’ by Lachy McKenzie

Issue 19 artwork by Tony Curran