“Poems in Rabbit 18 present varied responses to the philosophical prompt. … There is confidence in Geraldine Burrowes’ regard for playfulness in life, but disquiet in Anna Jackson’s consideration of the philosopher-self through metaphor; Jennifer Compton delights in stripping a naïve student of her Woolf fantasy, while Helga Jermy returns to the questions of childhood; Dave Drayton puts forward a ‘philosophy for fractal poetics,’ while Edric Mesmer tests ‘the intellectual holdings of one’s own institution,’ extracting poem-lines from a catalogue search to interrogate the bounds of ‘one’s own knowledge, lexicon, “library.”‘

  –Jessica L Wilkinson, ‘Editorial’

Featuring poems from Geraldine Burrowes, Anna Jackson, Cassandra Atherton, Nicholas D. Nace, Ann Vickery, Fiona Hile, Ali Alizadeh, Jennifer Compton, Stuart Barnes, Stuart Cooke, Mark O’Flynn, Jane Blanchard, Helga Jermy, Paul Scully, Ian C. Smith, Mike Greenacre, Edric Mesmer, Dave Drayton, Andreas Ȧ Andersson, Lachy McKenzie.

Also includes:
a.j. carruthers interviews Justin Clemens
Alyson Miller reviews Lucy Dougan
Peter Keneally reviews Ali Cobby Eckermann
‘Imagination is the Perception into a Saucepan: an anti-essay’ by Amelia Dale
‘should i watch game of thrones?: an anti-essay’ by Oscar Schwartz
‘Is that Poetry? thoughts on the non-poetics of poetry’ by Ouyang Yu