What does it mean to write of the earth; of space and place; to mark a territory? What happens when we name the land and features within it? What might we get wrong, impose, distort? … While each approach to the brief of addressing ‘poetry + geography’ is unique, one thing that these poems have in common is that they all carry traces of the author, whether through the presence of the ‘I,’ the style of voice, or even the trace of the poet’s own scissor-work. These poetic-geographical poems acknowledge the burden of the geographer’s perspective–an acknowledgement that simultaneously opens the gates to singular and wild adventures in representing the world.

  –Jessica L Wilkinson, ‘Editorial’

Featuring poems from Carmine Frascarelli, Craig Santos Perez, Sneha Madhavan-Reese, Dael Allison, Alice Savona, Jake Goetz, Lachy McKenzie, Lachlan Brown, Maurice McNamara, Anna Fern, Kent McCarter, Jill Jones, Alison Flett, Ian Gibbins, Anupama Pilbrow, Sophie Curzon-Siggers, Kate Middleton, Aaron Anstett, Liam Ferney, Jordie Albiston.

Also includes:
a.j. carruthers interviews Amy Ireland
Jess Likar reviews Natalie Harkin
Sally Evans reviews joanne burns
Nova Brown Longhurst reviews Jill Jones
‘Virginia Woolf’s Ecliptic Poetic in The Waves: her cigar, the moth, mirrors and the intense subtlety of light’ by Meredith Wattison

Issue 17 artwork by Amanda Johnson