RABBIT 16: The BIOGRAPHY Issue, part 2

Rabbit issue #16 cover

Whereas issue 15 showcased long poems on biographical subjects both ancient and contemporary, famous and infamous, celebrated and obscure, issue 16’s long poems are of a variety more close to the poet–autobiographical poems, memoir poems, poems that reflect on the self and those who are closest to that self. There are poems about home and family, poems about loved ones, poems which draw from domestic situations and conversation tid-bits. Some poets wander along trails left by admired artists; others reflect on photographs or treasured objects, the memories embedded in those artifacts. One poet meditates on what constitutes the autobiographical self, while another writes a mock self eulogy.

  –from Jessica L Wilkinson, ‘Editorial’

Featuring poems from Karolina Novak, Sophie Curzon-Siggers, Karina Quinn, Karen Zelas, Philip Gross, Chloë Callistemon, Rosalee Kiely, John Leonard, Siobhan Harvey, Elizabeth Allen, Anne-Marie Newton, Julie Maclean, Mark O’Flynn, Helga Jermy, Urvi Majumdar, Catherine Moore, Rachael Mead, Ian Gibbins, Stuart Cooke, Kate Middleton, Dennis Cooley.

Also includes:
Bonny Cassidy interviews Alan Jude Moore
Melinda Bufton reviews John Hawke
Josh Mei-Ling Dubrau review Rachael Munro
‘From Fear and Trembling‘ by Diana Hamilton
‘Green works mad’ by Dave Drayton

Issue 16 artwork by Sierra McManus