RABBIT 23 – Youth (Within Australia)




These young writers demonstrate not only a heightened awareness of what language can do—sonically, rhythmically, meaningfully—as it moves across lines, but also an astonishing capacity for personal, social, cultural and political insight. As ‘nonfiction poetry,’ these poems tell me that their authors are engaged with the world in ways that matter, whether that be on a relatively small scale (via inspecting the feet of one’s father) or on a large scale (taking part in a major political protest). It is heartening to know that such sensitive and perceptive poems are being written by the next generation of poets.

No matter how talented, though, it is often difficult for young writers to get a foot in the door of the fierce world of publishing, especially when competing with more established authors. Magazines dedicated solely to the publication and promotion of young voices—such as Voiceworks in Australia—do excellent ongoing work in this regard. I wanted this issue of Rabbit to provide similar opportunities, specifically for young poets, and writers with an interest in poetry.

—Jessica L. Wilkinson