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Ali Alizadeh, Towards The End (Giramondo, 2020)

Michael Farrell, Massaging Himmler: A Poetic Biography Of Dr Felix Kersten (Hybrid Publishers, 2019)

Darby Hudson, Falling Upwards (Five Islands Press, 2019)

Anna Jacobson, Amnesia Findings (University of Queensland Press, 2019)

Solid Air: Australian And New Zealand Spoken Word ed. by David Stavanger and Anne-Marie Te Whiu (University of Queensland Press, 2019)

Wes Lee, By the Lapels (Steele Roberts, 2019)

Gareth Sion Jenkins, Recipes For The Disaster (Five Islands Press, 2019)

Australian Poetry Anthology, volume 7, ed. by Yvette Holt and Magan Magan (Australian Poetry Ltd. 2019)

Robert Harris, The Gang Of One: Selected Poems (Grand Parade Poets, 2019)

Norman Erikson Pasaribu, Sergius Seeks Bacchus, trans. by Tiffany Tsao (Giramondo, 2019)

Lisa Gorton, Empirical (Giramondo, 2019)

Emma Lew, Crow College: New and Selected Poems (Giramondo, 2019)

Gerald Murnane, Green Shadows and other poems (Giramondo, 2019)

joanne burns, apparently (Giramondo, 2019)

Rosalee Kiely, Creature (Ginninderra Press, 2019)

Jennifer Maiden, Appalachian Fall: Poems About Poverty In Power (Quemar Press, 2018)

Anders Villani, Aril Wire (Five Islands Press, 2018)

Anna Ryan-Punch, Night Fishing (Five Islands Press, 2018)

Anne Elder, The Bright and the Cold: Selected Poems of Anne Elder and Julia Hamer, The Heart’s Ground: A Life of Anne Elder (Lauranton Press, 2018)–available together for a longer review

Renovating Madness, ed. by Karen Knight and Liz McQuilkin (Walleah Press, 2018)

Earl Livings, Libation (Ginninderra Press, 2018)

Nola Firth, Counting On Murwillumbah (Mark Time Books, 2018)

Eloise Grills, Sexy Female Murderesses (Glom Press, 2018)

Marjon Mossammaparast, That Sight (Cordite, 2018)

Elena Gomez, Body Of Work (Cordite, 2018)

Luke Beesley, Aqua Spinach (Giramondo, 2018)

Eunice Andrada, Flood Damages (Giramondo, 2018)

Keri Glastonbury, Newcastle Sonnets (Giramondo, 2018)

Ania Walwicz, Horse (UWA Press, 2018)

Phillip Mead, Zanzibar Light (Vagabond, 2018)

Fiona Hile, Subtraction (Vagabond, 2018)

Ken Bolton, Starting At Basheer’s (Vagabond, 2018)

Kate Lilley, Tilt (Vagabond, 2018)

Pam Brown, Click Here For What We Do (Vagabond, 2018)

Bella Li, Lost Lake (Vagabond, 2018)

DeciBels series 3 (to be reviewed as a set), edited by Michelle Cahill, co-edited by Dimitra Harvey (Vagabond, 2018)

Ali Whitelock, And My Heart Crumples Like A Coke Can (Wakefield Press, 2018)

Sean O’Callaghan, O’Callaghan (Collective Effort Press, 2018)

Jeltje Fanoy, Flying Into The Hands Of Strangers (Collective Effort Press, 2018)

Tim Thorne, Running Out Of Entropy (Walleah Press, 2018)

Helen Koukoutsis, Cicada Chimes (Ginninderra Press, 2018)

Reneé Pettitt-Schipp, The Sky Runs Right Through Us (UWA Publishing, 2018)

Philip Neilsen, Wildfire Of Berlin (UWA Publishing, 2018)

Leni Shilton, Walking With Camels — The Story Of Bertha Strehlow (UWA Publishing, 2018)

Rachael Mead, The Flaw In The Pattern (UWA Publishing, 2018)

Corey Wakeling, The Alarming Conservatory (Giramondo, 2018)

Shaping the Fractured Self: Poetry of Chronic Illness and Pain, ed. by Heather Taylor Johnson (UWA Publishing, 2017)

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